How to handle huge amount of data in metadata?

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This is my first post so please apologise if I am explaining it in super detailed way. Here is the use case, I am thinking about.

I want to store variety of information and I can say the amount of information is huge as well including images, X-rays, osrix files etc. These medical information are very unique to the users and have huge value to it. My main motivation for this are smart contracts that allows us to query the metadata and also allows others to share the metadata. Have any one worked on this before or any guide on this would be helpful.


Hello friend maybe you have a solution using IPFS nodes for the data and store URL like IPFS in the metadata of transacations


This is the first time I am reading about this. Thanks @Fedora for the tip.

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I believe it is crucial for you to look into the laws about sharing, transmitting, and storing sensitive information, like medical records, etc. I know in the US, medical records are protected under the HIPAA Act, and in places like EU, personal data is even more protected.
Because public blockchains, like Cardano, are … well public, it means that anyone could access these records, and even if you were to encrypt them, with enough incentive and computing power the data could be compromised.
I believe there are a few projects underway where sensitive data will probably need to be stored in a private data storage/network.
You will also need to look into DID and verifiable credentials in order for users to access and share this data. Cardano is developing software (Atala Prism and Prism SDK video) for this purpose, for a very important project in Africa.


Thank you @acyuta108 thats an interesting approach.

Absolutely. The data is the key. The data has got to be secure as well as allow the system to query anonymously in order to narrow down the transactions.

Imagine we store patient prescriptions as meta data and in the future a company likes to recruit people for clinical trials based on an inclusion criteria, then querying becomes important as long as its anonymised.

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