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Hello, am following the cardano NFT guide on the developer portal and have a question:

IF i wanted to add “traits” or “abilities” to the meta data, is it as simple as :

     abilities: [

type: “anything”

notice “abilities” and “type” in the script. Do I have to define these somewhere in a script or something or I can just add these in the metadat?

Yes, you can use any valid JSON or CBOR formatted metadata you want.

There is also a hard limit of 16kb per transaction and this includes the metadata. It would be cost prohibitive to mint tokens with MB of data directly even if it was supported. If you need a lot of data or want an image it’s best to pin it with IPFS or equivalent and then simply inlcude the hash link in the token metadata. This is what most NFT do currently to include image data …

See also the metadata readme:

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