May you help me with my thesis? Part 2

Hello everyone,
I am MSc student who is doing his thesis on Cryptocurrencies and their Blockchains. I am looking for the data and regarding Cardano I am stuck when I look for Blockchain dimension and Block dimension (in terms of gigabytes, Kilobytes etc.).
I need time series data (from the beginning until now).
After the last discussion where, thanks to a guy, I found other data such us the number of blocks overtime etc. (Browse Epochs | Cardano Explorer).
I was wondering if, given that the Blockchain dimension today is about 6GB (I need the perfect number if someone can help me) I may calculate the dimension of each block knowing the exact number of them (doing the sum of the total blocks in the link I’ve shared). After that I can calculate the Blockchain dimension over time knowing the block dimension.
Is it a good approach? Is it correct?

Moreover, what is important to know is the initial Blockchain dimension, it was zero?

Thank you for your availability

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