May you help me with my thesis?

Hello everyone, I am a MSc student and I am developing a research on cryptocurrencies taking into account their Blockchain internal features. I am looking for some data that actually I have no clue where I can find them.
The data I need regarding Cardano Blockchain are:

  • Coin supply
  • Daily transactions
  • Blockchain dimension
  • Block dimension
  • Block formation time
    I am looking for time series data of the ones above mentioned.

I am currently stuck that is why I am asking your help!

Thank you for your availability.

Hi @Grazy1997 , welcome to Cardano community.

Here is the data for coin supply → Cardano price today, ADA live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap

Circulating Supply 31,948,309,441 ADA (71%)
Max Supply 45,000,000,000 ADA

You can check the daily transaction & blocks data here →

Hope it helps. Good luck with your thesis :+1:


Hi @andreassosilo, thanks for your answer! It has been very useful looking at the second link.
If you don’t mind, do you have any ideas where, and if actually is possible, to find time series data for the blockchain dimension, block dimension (in terms of megabites of gigabites) and coin supply ( I looked at CMC website and what is not clear to me is if the supply has been always fixed or not, I would bet the last one)?

Thank you!


I can tell you that the C.S. of 45b is fixed since the beginning.

C.H. said it was just a number with what he was comfortable; and not immutable at all, if the community wishes so.

Regarding the other dimensions I can’t help you!


Hi @jpsrrv I would thank you for your answer!
But what I am looking for, and it’s my mistake given that I hadn’t been clear at all, is the circulating supply.

No problem!

You have that in CMC.

I’ll leave the number here @grazy1997: 31,948,309,441 ADA

Which amounts to, exactly, 71% of the max supply.


Yeah I already read that number lol.
But I need the time series data of it. In other words, I need how this number has evolved over time, from time zero to time n.
I hope it is clearer now.

Thank you and sorry hahaha


That’s intricate data to get.

You would need the number of coins from the ICO, and work your way up; which I think it’s nearly impossible to do? Idk! :smiley:

But that would be awsome! Email IOHK! Shake the tree and the ripe fruit may fall!


I know that these kind of data are hard to get, but I need them for my research.
So I will follow your advice in emailing IOHK and I will see what I will get!

However, thank you for you availability!

If someone else have any idea would be perfect!

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