Some questions about fundamentals, block times, coin supply, etc

I have some qs about some basic fundamentals re cardano I have been searching for but haven’t been able to locate. Could someone help?

-What is the block time, does it vary, are there periodic adjustments, etc?
-How long does it take for a transaction to be considered reasonably secure as confirmed on the blockchain?

These first 2 questions are important because transaction times are a critical issue where BTC can be improved on. Ripple-like confirmation times are ideal, though these could be solved with sidechain solutions etc. But I dont have a sense of what the main chain confirmation times are like.

-On, it is claimed that the circulating supply is 25 billion ADA, total supply is 31 billion ADA, and max supply is 45 billion ADA. I couldnt verify these figures on official cardano sites. Are these numbers correct, and if so what is the difference between the circulating supply and the total supply, and what limits the maximum supply to 45 billion, and how long is it expected to take to reach that maximum supply?

Again apologies if I am a bad searcher, would really appreciate this info regarding this very interesting new coin.


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The official site has the genesis block distribution, and it is as states.

On confirmation time: it is too early to speak of, because the network is still run in centralized servers on IOHK. We have to wait till full deployment of the project in few months.
The wallet has a section were it says how many confirmations you should wait to trust in the transaction.
At the moment, using my eyemeter playing with the wallet, a transaction delay is about 20 seconds.

Wish you luck!