Technical questions about Cardano

I am studying Cardano and I have a few questions:

  1. What is the current and maximum throughput? The first should be 250 and the final 1000000 tps.
  2. What are the transaction finalisation values? Number of blocks and block time? I read about many different values: the first 15-30 while the second 60-600 cryptopolitan dot com/speed-and-scalability-comparing-ethereum-solana-avalanche-cardano-and-the-internet-computer s.
  3. What is the maximum number of pools/validators allowed? Actual ~2600 according to adastat dot net/pools.
  4. What is the average transaction fee? Is 0.16 ADA reliable? solberginvest dot com/blog/cardano-fees
  5. Does Cardano have a synchronous or asynchronous smart contracts model? Cardano has recently achieved EVM compatibility which is synchronous.
  6. Is there any support of cross-chain interaction (not bridge, something like IBC or XCM).
    Do you have better references?

Thank you

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