Speed and cost of tx's

Hi I’m curious as to the speed and cost of tx on cardano blockchain. Both now and future. Binance smart chain is 5 sec and basically no fee (very small). Binance chain itself 1 sec tx speed. I am unaware of what to expect from Eth 2.0 but cant seem to find anything on cardano expected speed and cost


I would also be interested in knowing the Energy Consumption per Transaction, for example “The average energy consumption for one single Bitcoin transaction in 2020 was 741 kilowatt-hours. This was significantly more compared to the cumulative 100,000 VISA transactions with only an energy consumption of 149 kilowatt-hours. Bitcoin is more energy intensive per single transaction than 100,000 VISA transactions.” • Bitcoin vs. VISA: energy consumption per transaction 2020 | Statista.

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Thanks for sharing this comparison of bitcoin vs visa @BooneBergsma!

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I sent my nephew some Ada on Friday. The transaction was confirmed as soon as I pulled it up on on the explorer and my nephew sent me a message saying he got the Ada. All anecdotal on my part, but transaction speed works for me even with 78% on the D parameter.

Appreciate it. I’m more hoping for like 1 sec, 5 sec, 10, 30 sec etc i know its quick just not sure how quick and if there is a way to know what it typically it