Transaction Speed

How many transaction per sec can Ada process and what is it capable of ? What is the avg transaction time ?

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I do not have the information.
I think this can be nicely answered at the last stage of the project. The one takes care of scalability.

from this video:
It’s 257 transaction per second. This test is made on the network of 40 Amazon nodes.
For production (on mainnet) nobody know and the time will answer.


257 / sec is more than respectable for a cryptocurency.:rocket:

I wonder how it will scale with more machines? linear?

One thing is: Cardano will not use this Ouroboros protocol. It will use the Ouroboros Praos protocol instead. The Ouroboros Praos is a necessary upgrade for the real network environment.
And I still can’t find any performance testing result for this protocol at the moment.

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It is interesting that we haven’t even entered the Reward Era, which is normal planned operation, and Cardano is 6 of market Cap. It is essentially still experimental.

It’s a bit more than experimental. It has a MVP. Also… to anyone trying to categorize ADA as experimental makes it sound like it should be in the same venue as other experimental alt coins. Lets remember the Founder is a co-Founder from arguably the MOST successful cryptocurrency to date… Etehereum. ETH just surpassed all cryptocurrencies by USD value processed combined (including BTC)!

The team and process behind ADA is infinitely better than any other coin on the market. ADA is THE Tesla of cryptocurrencies… i.e. it has the MOST potential and has the most scientifically rigorous process.

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Chill out Ichiban. I didn’t say Cardano is an experimental project. I said it is in the experimental stage - which it is. Have you not seen the road map ? It is a project that is not yet operational. Buying Ada is an investment in a future project. Until Cardano reaches the full PoS stage, with the people running nodes, including joint stake nodes, it is theoretical. I have faith that it will be a successful project but it is not there yet. This is openly acknowledged by the team. Most cryptocurrencies have not yet reached actual operation. Jeeezus Christ duuude.

What the hell do you mean Ethereum is number one in USD value processed combined ? WTF does that mean ? It is number 3 in BTC price equivalence:

Get your cranium out of your rectum and stop making fantasy