How many transactions per second for ADA?


Hello, does anyone know how many transaction per second can Cardano run on its public chain?
I’m trying to compare to the 1500 Tx /S of XRP, which I believe is the best to this date.



@CosmosX there is a great blog post on Cardano transaction fees written by Lars Brünjes, PhD, Cardano SL Developer at IOHK. Read it here. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


currently it is 5-7 TPS,but when the third stage of development will be completed Cardano will be almost unstoppable-it means that the more people will use it the more it can scale transactions per second.Cardano should scale easily billions transactions per-second only if this needed. By the way there are other blockchains that are much more scalable than Ripple


You’re right I believe you’re thinking about NEM which has 3000 tx with over 10 millions accounts?
Which leads me to my next question: electricity being cheap where I leave, I am exploring the possibility to run a node. is it possible to run one for Cardano on a Synology NAS DS 716+II? Otherwise which hardware is recommended?


Currently you cant stake ADA untill Shelly(Expected Q2 2018) will fully implemented. POS works very differently from POW,in order to run cardano node you should buy enough ADA and keep your wallet open-no electricity problem,i dont think you should invest in a specifc high profile hardware for that


Ok Thank you, I will do that. Cheers


but you should keep following cardano in order to know more about staking ADA
because it is not final,maybe changes to what i said will be made by the project in the future but currently this is all about staking ADA as far as i know


Appreciate it’s still early days but is there a general thought about how much ADA we should be holding in order to stake in the future


what do you mean by “keep your wallet open?” I am interested in staking and just got the daedalus wallet within the past day and sent ada to it. Is the default setting “open” or does something need to be changed in the settings?


All that information will be announced up to the Shelly update (within 6 months from now or so), right now there is no staking.


Currently the operation is limited to 10 TPS. This is an operational choice, the system (in testing) runs faster than this and work is ongoing on understanding where those constraints arise and what can be done to mitigate them


Thank you. As long as it is scalable…It is pretty fast. Took me between 30seconds and 1.30 minute to receive my funds on Daedalus.
Can someone explain to me what the “Transaction assurance security level” stands for in Daedalus settings? “Strict” requires more confirmations from the network validators?


In the system, at present where the transaction rate is low, you should see the transaction appear in the “next block” - so that would be 20s±10s - blocks are “diffusing” around the core nodes in a few seconds (don’t forget it takes a packet around 600ms to 750ms to go round the world, and core nodes are spread around the world for resilience).

Your Daedalus wallet might take a little longer to see the block and then to render it in the UI.


The “Transaction assurance security level” is how to translate the “chain depth” (i.e how many additional blocks have been added in front of the block that your transaction is in) before you are “happy” - so it is about being able to express your individual perception of that particular property.


Thank you so much for the detailed explanation mate


I’m also looking for this answer. The docs weren’t a big help here so I suppose we will have to wait on “Shelley”.


Transaction fees are a different thing than transactions per second.