Cardano Staking

Hi, im interested on Staking Cardano but i saw it depends on how much Cardano you got. So if i only have 1000 cardano, its not really worth it to do Staking? coz it will be much expensive to get a Virtual Machine? Any thoughts. Thanks

You can delegate your stake of Cardano if you think it is more cost effective. More details about the reward are yet to be finalized. contains screenshots of delegation

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I will be using a pool cause it would cost me to much too, there is a thread here of a list of staking pools that are getting ready to stake.
I think I will be using

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cool, if i will spend $50 for VM, ill jsut buy $50 of ada for now per month.

A much better move!

$50 a month ADA should turn out to be a good reward in the next couple year’s, I welcome your post’s here on your trades in other crypto’s.
I like to trade and fight the urge everyday.

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