Transfer time...very worried!

So I transferred 1 ADA from coinbase to Daedulus and it took seconds.
I sent a subsequent payment - a very large one and it hasnt arrived after 10 minutes.
I am very worried.
Is this normal? Can anyone shed any light on why it may be taking much longer?

The second address I used hasnt greyed out like the first.

Please can anyone help with this.
Its been over 20 mins and still nothing!
Addresses are the same.
Nothing in blockchain explorer.
I honestly feel sick!
Coinbase is empty, have I just lost everything?!

Guys I am really worried and could do with some help here. This is a lot of money.
Transaction in coinbase isnt showing as completed unlike first is. Double checked and cross referenced the addresses from CB and Daedulus and they are the same.
Do I need to be worried or is this likely to be network issues, coinbase playing funny games etc?

Please! Anyone?!

Go to sleep, tomorrow ADA will be on daedalus :slight_smile:

Sometimes exchanges are delaying the transactions…

copy the address from daedalus and check on … do u see the right balance?

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@donyeo assuming you double checked your send address and followed the same procedure and precautions you did with the first transfer you should be good. There are some hacks and malware that will detect when an address is copied to the clipboard and swap it. So always double check and use additional security measures as you see fit.

Worst case scenario if you are not 100% sure you entered the right address then you can also go to your exchange and check history for ADA to find which address was actually used and look that up in Cardano scan as well to trace it …

In the future consider sending smaller amounts at a time if you want to save your heart the stress. The fees on Cardano are very small and scale with UTxO size thanks to the protocol design.

I sent 100 ADA in seconds. Then a LOT more seconds later and it took 24 hours. Same exchange. It happens…

Did everything work out for you?