Looking for Cardano bachelor thesis topic

Hello guys,
I need some help:
Currently I am studying computer science (to be honest already a few years) and since some time only my bachelor thesis is left.
I’ve tried several topics but I lost my interest after some time.
Currently I am very interested in blockchain (as an investor and also a developer) and I would like to write my bachelor thesis about blockchain. I’ve also did some research in my university about different working groups and advisors but there is no blockchain working group and advisors I’ve found are not in the general Blockchain topic but smart city.
Since a bachelor thesis requires a scientific background I’ve need a question I can do research about. As I am more a programmer than a theoretical computer science dude I would appreciate a topic where I implement something to solve or as a showcase for the scientific problem.
As I am a great fan of cardano my preferred blockchain topic would be about Cardano.
Do you guys have any idea?

Will a blockchain like Cardano scale good enough to serve the world-wide amount of financial transactions?

Did you look at any of the proposals on project Catalyst? That is our community led interface for funding different ideas to grow the Cardano ecosystem.

There may be some ideas on there that would help you.


I think a technology specific topic would be great

Thank you. That’s a great hint.
I will take a look there. Maybe I will find some inspiration

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Keep me posted if you need more help I will try to think of other things…