Cardano API PHP Wrapper

If youre like me, youve searched high and low for a working PHP wrapper for the Cardano API. And if youre like me, youve also probably found one or two that are incomplete and didnt work or if they did work they dont work very well.

After several weeks of non-stop struggle ive decided that im just going to do it myself. ive created a basic collection of PHP functions that can do all the basic things that you might need to call the API for and you can find it here:

Cardano PHP API

This is NOT a class or some kind of completed application. Its just raw functions that you can use and adapt to your own needs. You can use it as is by including the files or you can edit it and make it into something more formal like a class. its up to you.


wow, thank you so much :hearts:
Would you be interested/available for participation as a co-tech founder for a project I am doing?
If yes, send me a PM, and I will update you on the solution.