Cardano Block Production Explained

How are blocks assigned and produced in Cardano?

In this video I go over the mechanisms which govern block production in Cardano, namely VRF.


Great video Umed

Presented in a way that even i can understand !!! :+1:t2:

Please do more of these, all the ‘techie stuff’ is great, it’s just that not everyone who loves Cardano understands all of the detail, so this content is brill.

If you could do a weekly spot, for example a ‘round up’ of tech changes or stuff Cardano are working on (but put into user friendly format like this video)

Maybe do something for pool operators to help them gain delegators (because it’s not all about the tech)

Have Fun
ps i have been delegated to your SKY2 since start, (in part because i saw a video of you doing a group presentation about a month ago and you offered some good tips and advice, in language i could understand)

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Thank you for your tips and support. I completely agree with you. A lot of technical stuff needs to be explained in simple terms and I try to do that with everyday examples.

As write this, I am working on a podcast that will cover the issues you mentioned and more.

I can’t wait to share what we have in store for you!

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