Cardano Book NFT Market place

Cardano Blockchain can be a good project to launch an NFT market place for the sale of specific book items. if you’re a developer willing to work on researching and implementing this idea, we could work together to achieve this on cardano. I have the plan and proposal for it.Thanks

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Plot twist: digital library and publishing ?

Authors submit published works for ADA sale.
Mint NFT to represent ownership of eBook.
NFT can be bought/sold via smart contract trade.
NFT are vested into digital library smart contract.
Users pay ADA subscription to join digital library or book club.
Smart contract rewards purveyors based on the amount of users that rented their works.
Smart contract rewards authors based on the amount of purveyors and/or users that bought their works.

In this way authors can seed the platform as suppliers as well as being users.
Users can therefore supply, buy, rent, and also lease books that they supply or bought.
Notice the publisher and middle man is completely removed from the equation.
That platform makes it’s revenue from the subscriptions alone.
Note the rewards could be a utility token that supports the platform.

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You get the idea.

Since we have things like Amazon Kindle and what not which are reading services for people that pay, the buyers/readers don’t possess full ownership and stand the risk of losing those purchased properties if Amazon cease to function. How is it possible for ADA to provide same service in a Decentralised fashion, maybe in form of NFTs whereby authors and readers/buyers gain full ownership of their properties?

Are you a developer. You can message me on Twitter (@loctanes) discord (NBG_smoked)

I like the codez but I am busy with my own silly project.

The most interesting part of this idea is that decentralization would in theory prevent censorship and allow individuals to contribute without corporate centralized authorization. I know people who have had their novels removed from Amazon due to excuses that range widely and there is no recourse for them other than to find another platform.