In need of ADA platform for niche NFT sales and sponsorships of niche artist communities

I am a member of a certain niche community that has been dying to do something with all our video NFTs. I do need some advice though on developing it so it does not fail due to economic problems. I want it to be stable so it can bring a HUGE community of artists together in the cardano space. Ethereum simply is too costly. I am a bit of a noob to ADA though and some the documentation goes way over my head.

Did you try connecting with Buffy Bot Publishing yet? They work with many projects such as Yummi Universe, Never Engine and Cypherkicks (to name a few). They are just organizing CNFT Convention in Las Vegas and online. May be a good place to make these connections (online or in person if you are near Vegas). Here is their discord invite: Buffy Bot Publishing
Drop in and ask if one of the devs can hook you up. :smiley:

check out AnarchyCNFT | Art & Anarchy NFT on Cardano or @anarchy_cnft on twitter, it’s a platform for supporting artists