Will ADA have NFT support for art?

Hi newly investing in Cardano, as it seems like a great project and community. If there is another thread on this already, feel free just to link that discussion.

There’s at least one (in my opinion very reactionary) article circulating heavily right now, regarding the art community and its connection to NFTs over the last few years.

Does Cardano currently plan to host NFTs in the future? I would think the Cardano blockchain and other non-PoW blockchains would address the concerns and misconceptions that the general population might have on this topic. I’d like to be able to give hope to some friends who are hesitant on crypto more peace of mind on this topic.

Thanks for any insight


The short answer is yes. In Charles’ last AMA he mentions building out a NFT marketplace.

Also give this a listen:

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Sweet, thanks for the info! This is perfect since I listen to podcasts during my morning commute so this will be a great way to stay informed

Here is another non Cardano related podcast on NFTs:

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