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Hello Cardano fam,

I’m curious if there is an NFT art marketplace such as Rariable being developed for/on the Cardano blockchain?

If there is anyone involved in the development of such a platform please get in touch I’d like to get involved & learn. I’m trying to connect with people interested in NFT art and creatives utilising blockchain tech to improve what they do - let’s connect!


Someone here claims to have bridged the gap:

There’s also an earlier thread on this same subject which I linked into this thread. I am guessing this will be a popular requirement and plan to blog about what people are doing with it, so will post that blog tag somehow on this forum when it’s ready. :sunglasses:

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@COSDpool they don’t seem to have bridged the gap, they’ve simply put Cardano orientated art on Rariable.

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got it… I suppose that is a little too indirect to really advance the technology :rofl: