Galaxy of Art: An Cardano NFT Marketplace You Must Know


Do you think of NFT marketplaces as a place for tech-savvies or crypto geniuses? Well, we have something that might change your mind. Galaxy of Art: an interactive NFT marketplace that has something for everyone. The platform is for beginners to nerds of this field.

This easy-to-use and understand store lets you buy and sell some of the rarest digital items and crypto collectibles. GOA platform makes use of Cardano blockchain. This allows blockchains to be compatible with each other. It means you can transfer your NFTs between different applications and marketplaces.

Build and Grow an NFT Community

Another significant feature of the GOA marketplace is that it is a community-driven platform. This makes sure to provide the most reliable services, making it efficient to mint your NFTs.

The Founders and Their Goals

The founder of Galaxy of Art, Christian Schmitt started his career in the military but left it to pursue something in the IT sector. On seeing the Crypto market and learning about the NFT phenomenon, he decided to build an NFT project. He aimed to build something that not just helped the existing crypto users but also introduced this concept to the common masses. He says “Our goal is for everyone to get a Marketplace which is easy to use". He wanted to build a platform where masses can show their work and get recognized.”

After months of research, Schmitt, along with Maria Papadaki, who is a Professor at the British University in Dubai and Co-founder of Galaxy of Art, came up with this idea to build an NFT marketplace that is easy to use and understand for everyone. Here, on issuing the wallet, the phrase is kept in a highly secured platform that has encryptions used by the banking sector.

Partnerships with Payment partners and more

The Galaxy of Art team is working with payment partners in the Crypto industry such as Payscript. Payscript is a payment orchestration platform that simplifies digital payment acceptance. It breaks down barriers to widespread crypto adoption.

The goal is to add more interesting and useful features. The users should be able to connect their wallets to the marketplace. The platform lets users buy and sell NFTs in any format including images, videos, music, etc.

Using the most scientific blockchain: Cardano

The main reason GOA uses the Cardano blockchain is that it is one of the most scientific blockchains. So when smart contracts are introduced, they will have even stronger features. Also, Cardano is more efficient for transaction fees than most other cryptocurrencies. Galaxy of Art interactive NFT marketplace also will build in interoperability features. This will allow it to bridge with other blockchain platforms ensuring that royalties can be levied across them.

Galaxy of Art is not your regular marketplace but a revolution in the virtual technology world. The platform is backed by one of the best blockchains of the NFT Era. It is set to introduce the concept of NFTs to everyone, even those who have zero ideas about cryptocurrency and markets.

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