Galaxy of Art - Launching Soon

Hello everyone,

Thanks for being a part of the Galaxy of Art NFT Marketplace, Stay tuned with us. We are launching our GOA marketplace soon this year.

Why we build NFT Marketplace on Cardano blockchain

Nowadays all the NFT artists are struggling with the high GAS fees in Ethereum based NFT marketplace. Because It’s transaction fees are too high.

To solve this issue we are building our NFT marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain, Cardano is the work on a Proof-of-Stake so you don’t need to pay the high gas fees.

Why You Should wait For Goa Marketplace:

  • Galaxy of art is the very user friendly for artists and art collectors
  • We provide a simple and easy to use user interface and it provides a good user experience.
  • All the artists profiles are verified with the KYC, so no worry about the authority or fraud related issues.
  • 50+ artists & art collectors are Ready to join our marketplace.
  • Currently developers are testing our marketplace, So we make sure our marketplace is the most secure, stable and bug free.

Currently we are dealing with a couple of issues with regulation and a couple of things with the marketplace.

We are fixing those and we are in discussion with regularities.

We will announce the dates and everything once we finalize that.

Also we are gonna announce the roadmap and everything which is coming to Goa.

Some great things we are planning but we have to cope up with everything right now just to make sure there will be no loose ends.

You can join our telegram community for regular updates.

With best regards