Galaxy of Art Marketplace is Live ✨

Hello Community we are excited to announce that we are live with our Cardano based NFT Marketplace - Galaxy Of Art.

Here you can check us out:

The Galaxy of Art Marketplace has been launched with the CORE Marketplace functionality where users can Mint, Buy, Sell, Auction etc. In our next update, we’ll add royalties and some other cool features to our Marketplace.

We are happy to invite all of you guys to join us in this revolution and get a feel of the Largest NFT marketplace based on Cardano Blockchain.

We are looking forward to having you on our Marketplace.

With Best Regards,
Galaxy of Art

Hi there,

Congratulations on the achievement! I like the design of the website. is it correct that it is currently not using smart contracts and that it is thus a custodial marketplace?

Hello @fermat ,

Thanks for your wishes. We hope you had a great start to this new year.

Yes, the Marketplace is currently launched with the core functionality and the royalty-based smart contract will be implemented in the upcoming months.

So later we can register Royalties on policy id later.

Galaxy of Art


Just released a redesign of the marketplace :eyes:

Check it out!