Cardano NFT Marketplace?

Hi everyone. Are there any operating Cardano NFT marketplaces? Any upcoming ones?

Also any speculation when Rarible and OpenSea will support Cardano NFTs on their platforms?

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Hello @George , here is one exciting Marketplace, Galaxy of Art (GOA) which is upcoming.

GOA is Based on Cardano Blockchian and Looks Promising.

You can check:

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Hi @George

CNFT.IO is operational already. It became so popular so quickly they already have to upgrade their servers. There are over 80,000+ verified Cardano assets/ NFTs on sale there right now.

You can check the list of top sales (10K plus) as well as 24 hour top sales here: Top Sales CNFT Analytics

I personally used them and have over 100 transactions go trough with no issues.

Hope this helps :smiley:


Thanks! Any idea when you guys are launching it? What the advantages it will have over CNFT io?

sounds awesome! do you happen to be a member of their team? I’d like to contact them personally.

What is the average minting cost per NFT? (assuming you don’t use the charity option)

No I’m not. I’m one of the people buying and selling CNFT on there. :smiley:

There is usually team members on their Discord. CNFT | Cardano NFTs

Minting can be done at many places. I know some of their team members have been working with CNFT fountains all over.

Cost depends on what your minting requires/ how many/ did you need a faucet, etc… best to ask them :+1:

Note: They are just migrating their database atm, so you may need to DM them first to get a response.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Hello @George, We are launching this Mid-September.

If we talk about the advantages, Yes, there are some advantages if we compare it with the CNFT.

In our newsletter and with our survey we got feedbacks from the Artists and the Art collectors who are into NFT. Some of them were already using CNFT but as most of them said that they have encountered bugs while using CNFT. Like they are not able to log in, they are not able to mint, at some pages when they try to click the got server errors. Loading time etc.

Another thing is the User experience with the Marketplace. The Design is the MArketplace is not so great and it is hard for a newbie who is entering into the NFT and doing it the first time.

I also heard that changing the DB, so because of that the users are facing some more problems.

We(Galaxy of Art) have Made a very great User experience for our users with Neat and clean designs which pleased everyone and at the same time, it is very easy to use.
We also are taking care of all the problems which users are facing on other marketplace and running various tests with our GOA marketplace to make sure that the process is bug-free and our users won’t face any problems.

Besides all these Buying and Selling features GOA will have few cool features for our users like social interaction and other features which help out GOA to Standout from every other NFT marketplace which is currently in the market.

In short, it is not just Buying and Selling NFT marketplace, we have a lot to offer to our users. :innocent:

Besides this, both Marketplace is on Cardano with a great future ahead. :hugs:

@Neo_Spank As you are Buying and selling NFT on regular basis we would like to invite you to our marketplace when we launch. :blush:

Hope this information Helps.

Have a great day

Also we are attending World NFT & Defi Show which is taking place in this 22-23 Sep in Dubai.

Our Founder & CEO Christian Schmitt Will be Speaker in this Summit and we are presenting GOA.

Healthy competition is always good for the markets. I’ll gladly try your platform once you launch. :+1:

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Agreed, same for me :slight_smile:

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Hi all

anyone aware of a cardano marketplace that allows us to mint NFTs in batches that will launch with smart contracts launch or at least close to the launch?

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@George Hey, George! I just launched a NFT marketplace. Go check it out:


Thanks for sharing Dennis! In my humble opinion I think it will be much more user friendly if you allowed for visitors to view the listed NFTs withour registering first .

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Hi Dennis
Just signed up to but didn’t receive an email to verify my account. Can you look into if for me?