Galaxy of arts - building NFT Marketplace on Cardano

Galaxy of Arts is the Cardano based NFT (Non-fungible tokens) marketplace to buy and sell rare digital items.

Through our marketplace(s), creators will be able to buy, hold, sell, auction, and mint NFTs. Our Marketplace allows creators to show off their NFT’s and Create a Social interaction with their Followers.

Christian Schmitt is the Founder and CEO of Galaxy of Arts and Marco Schurr is the CCO/CIO and co-founder of Galaxy of Arts

We have a team of educational experts, financial experts, project managers, programmers, and creative artists.

Thinking about the best NFTs marketplace?

Galaxy of Arts offers a strong connection to crypto coins, so you can demonstrate your skills by getting ready with your wallet and enabling them to sell and earn through your digital assets.

To showcase your skills, get ready with your wallet and set up your details for example arts, pictures, images, and so on.

Why the galaxy of arts is a better marketplace?

  • 0% Gas Fee for Minting the Art.
  • Enable Artists to earn Royalties perpetually.
  • Beside NFT’s our Marketplace has a Strong Social part .
  • Utilizing the Proof of Stake Algorithm rather than Proof of Work, we will ensure that our Marketplace is considerably more energy-efficient and secure than most.
  • Our platform will take advantage of the many benefits that come with building on the Cardano Network such as blockchain interoperability , allowing users to transfer NFT’s between different applications and marketplaces.

Working on GOA makes it easy

Architects will be prepared to purchase, grip, sell, bid, and create NFT by using GOA Marketplace. Besides, they will be competent to boast their coins and develop public intercourse with their supporters.

Looking at a different side this marketplace functions like a technological social media similar to FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM, which helps to follow, share, like, and even comment.

The characteristic of going publicly noticed will help one function his performance to a higher level. You will be so confident and optimistic while using the only marketplace — GOA as per founder will be in the midst of awareness

GOA provides all the information about how to start your procedure using Cardona-based NFTs it not only helps beginners.

Moreover, it will provide better guidance to those who are already familiar with the crypto market, and gaining access to information will also help you earn more coins.

We are enthusiastic and Moving along with this New Era of NFT’s. we’d really appreciate your inputs, thoughts and help.

We would love to hear your feedbacks that how we can make our marketplace better.