Cardano-cli query performance

Hello - I’ve noticed that since Cardano Node version 1.33, running the cardano-cli query command takes an extremely long time to get the results. Is there a flag I can add or anything I can do to improve the speed of this call?

Did u tried with 1.34.1 version?

You can open a ticket to IOHK


Thanks @Alexd1985 - Yes, I am on the latest version. It’s been slow ever since 1.33. It used to take only a second or two to deliver a response and now it averages 45 seconds. I was hoping there was a flag I could add to go back to its old performance.

I have not opened a ticket before - do you know the URL to do so?

shared above…

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I guess you mean the query utxo command. The reason is, that the ledger state is now partially stored on disk and it takes longer to retrieve data from disk compared to memory. This is not a bug, but a feature because of the change node software uses much less memory than before.

The change is part of a larger sub-project migrating the chain database to lsd-trees. Until then we’ll have to live with what we have.


Yes, thank you for the explanation and the query utxo call is what I was referring to. Your explanation certainly makes sense, but I guess I never had an issue running it when it relied on memory and would much prefer that for the application I am using it for. Would have been nice if they would have given the user the option to use disk vs memory instead of forcing this slowness upon us.

If you don’t use the node software for running a pool you can use a specific release which has been created for that case and which offers faster query utxo performance - it is tagged as 1.33.1.

This is not the newest version, but 1.34.x is basically new features for pool operators and faster block producing features. In other words if you don’t operate a pool 1.33.1 should be fine.