Cardano-cli , testnet, Significance of INTEGER value after "--testnet-magic"

Hi Folks,
Below command runs fine on my Core(BP) Node. I just want to know what is that value (e.g. 1097911063) at the last of the command ?

what can be other possible values ? Is that anyway related with Current Testnet Epoh Number, Slots etc.

cardano-cli query utxo --address addr_test1qp7nx5vpdcamdjlpvp30kyhrt7x0an28583uvag9ge8mkujfhwfazy7fdqk2q99mrt3gyzymkdd6g3szme8uz29czdwq2xkstf --testnet-magic 1097911063

                       TxHash                                 TxIx        Amount

Is the magic ID or magic number ( it defines the testnet)

Does this particular value remain constant through out Eras or keep changing per release basis ?

Constant per network

okay , in that case, which are other Testnet networks ? is testnet-magic one of many Testnet Networks ? Is there any consolidated list of all the networks and corresponding Magic Number values anywhere ?

Only one as far as I know

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Just to add my 2c.

@NirmalSingh If you open this link if will redirect you to the latest configurations. Checking ShelleyGenesis you will find the current magic number for the testnet.

If you for example go here: you can find the other alonzo testnets which have different magic numbers.

Btw even mainnet has a magic number.

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@mcrio - Thanks Nik for answering.

I was checking it and noticed some minor observations related to the same :

  1. byronGenesis and shelleyGenesis maintain same Magic Number value i.e. 1097911063.
  2. However naming convention of this config changes from protocolConsts":{ "protocolMagic (byronGenesis) to networkMagic (shelleyGenesis).
  3. alonzoGenesis does not contain this config at all.

But little confused by this. How come a latest (as you mentioned) build number ( behind the other build number ( ?

It’s latest like in terms of latest stable. Like for the cardano-node, we were all on latest stable 1.27.0 while there were 1.28.0 and 1.29.0 versions on github.

Regarding the testnet and mainnet configs, I guess theoretically you could use a higher build number than what is the latest supported, and I see people do it, but I’d rather go with whenever fetching configs.

I assume you mean the testnet.

Currently, the testnet versions used are Preview TestNet and Pre-Production TestNet. You have to build according to the prereqs script on the following link and request some testADA from the faucet for test: