Cardano-cli V8.15.0.0 Diagram

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Our new Cardano-cli V8.15.0.0 diagram is finally complete for governance friends and DReps.
:arrow_right: It can be zoomed without those annoying pixels​:sweat_smile:
:arrow_right: It include explanations on how to build a command.

:arrow_right: The high quality diagram(Not this sample above) is available on our website at: Document | Able-pool


Both the form and function of this graphic are simply extraordinary. :heart_eyes:

I am curious though why you’ve capitalised the C in the latest version for all the initial cardano-cli terms, which is inaccurate syntax in every case, while all the other terms are consistently & correctly lowercase? :thinking:


Honnestly its the UI that I used to build it who capitalised it by default, I will change it right away. Thanks for the constructive review.

Edit : Modifications are made. The C are in lower case now. :smiley::+1:


Hi everyone, I updated the diagram with the commands and options from the CLI version which support the node Version 8.7.5 being used on mainnet at the moment.
Enjoy. :smiley::+1:

The link to the diagram hasn’t changed:

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Thank you @Hornan . This diagram helps me a lot. Really appreciate it. Cheers :coffee: