Cardano Exchange via Stake Pool

The Cardano stake pool variable cost is a way for us and all stake pool operators who utilize it to support more than exchanges, though Cardano’s decentralization model cost is a way to strengthen the infrastructure running Cardano and swap that foundation into Ada.

Our before and after operating a stake pool:

Before After
Acquire Ada via exchanges Acquire Ada via stake pool
Support exchanges by acquring Ada Support a bare metal Cardano future

One more of our rebuttals to the view that Cardano stake pool operators will be racing to zero:

I don’t see why a non-myopic pool operator wouldn’t lie about his costs and run his pool at a loss (charity) with the long-term vision of gaining a lot of delegations. It seems an effective way to get ranked high in attractiveness through lying about costs (set it to zero).
Costs are likely to be a race to zero. And that’s not too much of a problem.

Get your Ada off those exchanges, delegate it to the stake pool(s) of your choice. By doing so you are fully embracing Cardano’s decentralized ecosystem future, and as a boon increasing your Ada holdings too.

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