Cardano Flash Crash in Binance ADA/ETH?

Went to 0.000002 eth… what a missed opportunity would have been good to have some Bids down there.

It does also say a lot about the immaturity of these markets and how everything is so damn fake

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Was there a flash crash?

My title was more challenging than a statement I will put a question mark.
Being only on Binance is more of a Binance glitch than a Cardano Crash… But look at that candle… someone has sucked up all the bids down to there yesterday night, Right? Or there was a massive lack of liquidity

Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t allow to withdraw, so that they can use our Ada to supply liquidity?

I saw this also. Wish I had had some buy orders ready, gutted!

Not a flash crash, a sign of immense buying opportunity coming up!


Set your entry orders.

I will be buying millions, I tell ya!

What’s the reasoning that makes you think that a spike must be retouched at some point?

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Fractals. :smirk:

That was my attempt at parodying the often cited fractal patterns in markets.