Ada on Binance


People, I am very worried. The Ada team has been helpful, but it is not safe to let our funds on the exchange.

I want my coins!!!


I’m also worried. If they can’t fix this by the end of the week I may have to sell my Ada.


It is horrible because I bought ADA at a higher price, right? Now I will not only let my beloved ADA go, but I will also lose money.

Let us keep our faith in the Cardano team for now.

P.s: I wanted to buy some more from Bittrex, but after having my ADA locked at Binance like that, I do not have the nerve to do so.


Three tries in the last thirty-minutes and Binance has not sent the 2FA SMS authorization code. Worked for days, last logon was nine hours ago; now nothing.


suferring the same …


will it be a party when the issue will be solved? :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::boom:


Solved. No party; a restful sleep.


cardano is great, but the actual ecosystem is not. It is why we need cardano for real.


When u say “Cardano for real”, to which major milestone on the roadmap are u referring?