Cardano for the masses read along chapter 1

We’re reading the new edition of Cardano for the masses and writing our thoughts per chapter over at

Here’s a summary of my take on chapter one:

The chapter delves into the history of money and its representation as a store of value, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Cardano. I demonstrated via paper napkin calculation various ways of preserving the buying power of 100,000 USD in 2013 over 10 years. Spoiler alert, Bitcoin has outperformed traditional methods. But also, I am fully aware that cryptocurrencies are still volatile stores of value so lets think twice before we fire allll the bankers.

The chapter points on governance also stood out to me, particularly this quote:
“A blockchain needs to have a short-range microscope for near and present dangers, and a long-range telescope for technical challenges on the horizon.”

See full article at In the Beginning | Lido Nation English

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