Cardano fork

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Didn’t Charles say we won’t need forks :fork_and_knife: because of the way :cardano: is being build, not like those “other” crypto currencies

How will this affect our holdings?

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We’ll lose them all… :rofl:


I’m not concerned with loosing them, rather having them depreciate, every time I hear “fork” :fork_and_knife: in the crypto world…something bad happens :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::weary::expressionless:

If everyone follows the fork there is no split off, and in this case it’s just pure upgrades moving into decentralization, so if someone wants to keep on the old chain they can go ahead, but with IOHK no longer supporting the chain I don’t believe there will even be any transactions validated so it’ll pretty much just die anyways.


I see, so it’s not really a fork fork, just an update really

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It is a fork, a hard fork to be exact. There’s just no competing opposition who is pushing the fork thus causing a rift in the community where both chains live on. Read up a bit more on forks and it’ll make more sense:


Thats where folks will be lost. Although it is a hard fork, the terminology isnt delineating the reason. I also had the same initial thought.

Clear difference as to the btc fork and so on need to be highlighted. We forked forward, not for disagreement.

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Yep, thank you. It makes more sense now

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That would be once side chains is implemented

This is starting to be misunderstood. We have to be ahead of this by anticipating a reaction. This needs to be connected with media outlets to clarify. Relying on Charles, or a group member to clarify isnt efficient, and slow.

A reddit post supports my concern.

Whom is the point of contact to communicate IOHK details directly with the press? Creating outward relationships with media is essential.

If that is an open position with IOHK, or some combination thereof? I am interested in exploring this if that is available.


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Cardano currently runs in a federated system. Every party (IOHK, Emurgo, CF) has agreed to this fork and so the old chain will have no blocks created on it and therefore cannot survive. There is provably a 0% chance of a contentious fork. You can consider this a planned protocol upgrade instead of a fork if that makes it easier to understand.


Hi Sebastien,

Glad to hear from you. That was my understanding as well. My reaction is around that point being amplified through publications, media. Video blogs are fine, but parroted stories by crypto news orgs and subsequent google news peppering is where coverage expands.
Being ahead of that is worth itself in manpower, easily.

Fork is a four letter word, especially right now.



Hi guys is cardano split ada in difference cryptocurrency? I hope i understand it wrong. I cant believe it.

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No, no no it’s all fine, still the same coin

As stated, no. This is no coincidence sadly, but very avoidable. :wink: