For awareness, important info for the coming hard fork

I just saw this info, perhaps Charles need to make a video about what needs to be done by the pool operators etc:

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The more inexperienced the pool operator the more daunting the task of a hard fork due to the limited knowledge of computer science and network management. I am investing into 4 pools where 3/4 are run by professional SQL Cisco/Oracle certified admins and 1 is run by a self taught stay at home mom. All 4 of them are prepared for the fork and have been working towards it for weeks.

It seems like the reddit post was by someone who is somewhat of an alarmist and is frustrated that they were not prepared and are unhappy that IOHK doesn’t do things in a way that makes it easiest for him. If a single mother who learned the basics of python 3 earlier this year is ready and understands what she needs to do than this person should be more prepared.

A free and open market means that people who can adapt to the situation quickest with the fewest of errors will have an advantage over others.

I did a simple google search “How to prepare Cardano stake pool for mainnet” and found dozens of web pages with hundreds of posts and at least 8/10 top video results were helpful as easy to understand. Sounds like the guy isn’t prepare and is blaming others/ lashing out at IOHK.

If my car runs out of gas I do not blame Mazda or Chevron. If I assemble a desk incorrectly I do not blame Ikea (I curse them like hell while building my flgroissandrogh) and I don’t blame my bank if I spend all my money. This guy doesn’t want to take responsibility for being under prepared and just wants to feel like its someone else’s (IOHK) fault.


Wow that was fast :rofl::