Cardano Foundation attend and speak at Japan Blockchain Conference

Anthony Clark-Jones, Head of Partnerships at Cardano Foundation spoke today at the Japan Blockchain Conference about the role of the Cardano Foundation in the overall Cardano project.

Anthony outlined that the Foundation has five key objectives.

Protect, Evolve and Enrich the Cardano Ecosystem - To develop and protect the branding of the Cardano Protocol and set and agree licensing terms for commercial use. To audit and provide assurances around the software development project.

Cardano Community Management and Education - building trust and transparency. Roles include creating a community hub offering authoritative, timely information about the technology and Cardano’s wide-ranging potential.

Enterprise Partnerships & Commercial Alliances - create and develop alliances and business partnerships for the benefit of to the Cardano Ecosystem.

Shape Legislation and Commercial Standards - Define and set Standards for the Cardano Protocol and blockchain technology in general.

Golden Source of Cardano protocol information - Establish a clear golden source repository for key information, including code, documentation and education material.

The Cardano Foundation is also engaged in activities such as defining our trademark policy and providing wider thought-leadership to the global Blockchain community.

Anthony summarised his time at the Japan Blockchain Conference by commenting,

“It was fantastic to see thousands of people so keenly engaged today in Tokyo. As Japan is one of our most important markets, such on-going support is highly welcome and indicative that we can and have to deliver on the potential of Cardano."

IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson also took the stage on a panel discussing “what are the specifications on the design of cryptocurrency”.