Cardano Foundation's New Delegation Methodology: Supporting the Architects of the Future


Where is the “Shortlist” published?



Would you elaborate on that a little bit? ADLT3 is not on the list of delegated pools. (Maybe I got you wrong) Please see

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This is the transaction that included a delegation certificate from UNDR to ADLT3.

But u stoped the research… look to which pool the wallet is delegated


I understand it was rectified later, but my questions are, why did this happen in the first place and what are the processes being put in place to stop it from happening at all?

Eg: Manually create a transaction with cardano-cli and have another CF member peer review the input/output and delegation certificate parameters are correct.


Feels like the strategy changes every round.

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It does! Not just feels like it. CF intentionally changes it to support a variety of pools

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We (Solydar1) will apply for next round, hopefully beginning in June - but we have one question: In earlier rounds there was a minimum pledge necessary, is this not necessary any more? Is there a recommended pledge or pledge ratio?

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This is a contradictory statement that shows a lack of understanding of the pledge mechanic. It is extremely expensive for somebody to open many high pledged pools, and relatively cheap for somebody to open many low pledged pools. By focusing your stake in pools with low pledge you have inadvertently centralized your stake into the pools of a few operators knowledgeable at gaming your system. This has been proven time and again to be true.

If decentralizing the network is your goal, I recommend that you read through IOHK’s papers describing how pledge does just that. Then change your delegation mythology to require some sort of pledge from pools you delegate to. Delegating millions to pools with a couple thousand ADA pledge is an insult to the design of the system.

By focusing on the ecosystem, or a few members of it, you have acted against the health of the network. The network can do fine without the ecosystem that surrounds it, but the ecosystem dies if the network dies.

To achieve the highest net yield CF should adopt a delegation strategy that prioritizes high rewards - ie decentralized network, instead of delegating to undesirable pools. Then offer grants to projects that are a benefit to the ecosystem.

In this way CF strengthens the network while strengthening the ecosystem without sacrificing either. The rewards gained then turned to a grant would be greater than the amount ‘donated’ by delegating to low rewarding pools.


I know I am gonna regret participating here - but … you’re entire response is against a subsection of the post that explained why/how the delegation was previously - the latter part mentions how it’s changed since to supporting builder/architects of the community (which is the intent in the title of the post too) :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I have just launched my stake pool very recently. I am now wondering how and when I can apply for this delegation from Cardano Foundation?


There’s a new round of applications now, link here CF Delegation Application Form is open for the next round (July 2022)

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The delegation application form is now open for October:


Hi everyone! I have been involved in the construction and stake pool operator since 1 year ago, now I know this program and missed it. Let me know when and how to register for the next program.

Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

@alexpipo There’s always an announcement but within a separate forum thread. You’ll need to follow the forum, not sure if there’s some kind of a notification-like announcement like a newsletter, etc.

sidenote: @alexpipo IOG delegations get announced within the SPO newsletter SPO Community of Communities

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Hi @mcrio, thank you for this reply :heart:
I’m sure I’ve missed some important information, but I want to know if the next announcements are in this thread? Or somewhere put official information?

Hi Alex,

If you are interested in receiving notifications about new delegation rounds and other related information subscribe here:


Oh Thank you so much @Tiberiu I’m just subscribed, Love U :heart:

Amazing luck! Thank you.