Cardano gifts

Hello! Can you tell me, please, is “cardano-gifts” an official site and event of Cardano, or not?

Scam. Scam. There are no Giveaways.

Thank you.


would be better remove the link from the original post and just name the site… to prevent clinking on it.


Oh, you’re right. Ok.

Also, if the link can be removed from the title so it doesn’t legitimize the fake site for Google search.

You can always take a screen shot of any ADA scam and report it to Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau at : Jira Service Management

This way others will not fall for it :smiley:
Here is updated link. Sorry, cut and paste missed the first letter

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What is this site… Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau? the link you provided is not working…
Any original source about this servicedesk?
Thanks in advance…

Here you go : Jira Service Management

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