๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ [Cardano Hub Jakarta] Meetup: Diskusi Mengenai Ekosistem Cardano - November 2023

Cardano Blockchain Jakarta - Meetup Recap (26 November 2023)

:calendar: Date: Sunday, 26 November 2023

:bulb: Purpose of this event:

  • Building local Cardano Community in Indonesia
  • Sharing knowledge & discussion about Cardano
  • Increase awareness of Cardano Ecosystem itself

:speaker: Host & Speakers:

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total participants: 35 attendees

:link: Meetup Link: see here

:paperclip: Google Slide: Presentation

:video_camera: Video recording can be watched in Komunitas Cardano Indonesia YouTube Channel , see below:

:camera_flash: Documentations


The event duration is 1 hour 30 minutes. We hosted the workshop online using Zoom. The 1st session by @andreassosilo covered about โ€œIntroduction to Cardano Ecosystemโ€ in general. Afterward, we informed the participants about Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) course from Cardano Academy, which will be held on Friday, 01 December 2023. Furthermore, we informed about Project Catalyst Fund11 timeline and new information from Global Town Hall. And finally, talked about also about several updates from Cardano Summit 2023.

In the 2nd session, @syarbel started with giving some introduction about decentralized finance (DeFi). And then talked about Omura Finance and also Axo Trade. We focused more on features in Axo Trade & also show the participants on how to use Axo Trade interface, including Composer, Algorithms and Strategies. The participants were asking lots of questions in the Q&A session. Overall, itโ€™s quite interactive discussion with lots of enthusiasm from the participants.

We covered these topics during the workshop:

  • Introduction to Cardano Ecosystem (cardanocube.io)
  • Recap from Cardano Summit 2023 Jakarta (community-led event)
  • Project Catalyst Fund11
  • Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) from Cardano Academy
  • Introduction to decentralized finance (DeFi) in Cardano
  • Omura Finance
  • Axo Trade
  • Q&A

Next Event

The 2nd meetup for Cardano Developers Community Indonesia will be held on Sunday, 17 December 2023. We will discuss about Cardano Developer Portal, Atala PRISM, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and open-source library such as Mesh.js in that occasion.

See Meetup Event below for registration: