🇮🇩 [Cardano Hub Jakarta] Meetup: Pengenalan Mengenai Staking di Cardano - 16 Oktober 2022

Cardano Hub Jakarta - Meetup & Workshop Recap (16 Oct 2022)

:calendar: Date: Sunday, 16 October 2022

:bulb: Purpose of this event:

  • Sharing knowledge & discussion about “Delegation in Cardano”
  • Increase awareness about mission-driven stake pool & single stake pool operator
  • Information about delegation cycle
  • How to setup stake pool & become a stake pool operator

:speaker: Host & Speakers:

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total registered participants: 42 attendees

:link: Meetup Event

:video_camera: Video recording can be watched in Komunitas Cardano Indonesia YouTube Channel , see below:

:camera_flash: Documentations


The event duration is 2 hours . We hosted the workshop online using Zoom . We divided the workshop into two sessions. The 1st session by @kawan covered about “What is stake pool & what is staking/delegation, delegation cycle, how to delegate using Cardano wallet”. Afterwards, we had Q&A for 1st session.

After 1st session, we gave door prizes and raffled four winners for it.

Then in the 2nd session, @kawan (SPO from Kawanua Pool) gave presentation about how to become stake pool operator & give explanation about how to setup a stake pool. We discussed also regarding minimum hardware requirement and other related stuff. After that we continued with Q&A for 2nd session.

We covered these topics during the workshop:

  • What is stake pool?
  • Staking parameters
  • Delegation cycle
  • How to delegate to a stake pool using Cardano wallet
  • Guidance on setup stake pool
  • Discussion about delegation rewards using cexplorer.io
  • Resources/documentation on setup stake pool
  • Q&A

The next Cardano Indonesia Community workshop will be held on Sunday, 30 October 2022.

See you in the next Cardano Hub Jakarta Meetup :tada: :cardano:


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