[Cardano Hub Surabaya] Meetup #3: Coffee and Croffle Talk

:calendar: Date: Saturday, August 21th 2022
:alarm_clock: Time: 6 pm - 8 pm (GMT +7)
:round_pushpin: Location: Bare Coffee, Grand Kenjeran, Surabaya, ID
:link: Meetup Event Link

:couple: Attended by 14 people from Cardano Community

This meet up for community engagement to establish, build, and maintain effective relationship with general Indonesian Cardano Community. Discussion about CNFT implementation, Utility in Real world, Policy ID, and Sharing experience from CNFT trader. The Monthly event will be held in several forms, including workshops as in Meetup #1 but will be made more casual. At HUB Surabaya has an interest in NFT, the development of this HUB will lead to the development of Blockchain in the NFT Ecosystem. Meetup #4 will be held in September 2022, the event will be Formal event to sharing experience and inviting speaker from CNFT Enthusiast.

This meetup will be the seed of community development into new shoots. See you on Meetup #4 .

:round_pushpin: Location

:couple: Attendants :coffee: :croissant:


Thanks @Fanny_wijaya . I added the Meetup event link.

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