Cardano Hybrid Meetup: Project Catalyst - Road to Voting Fund 12

:calendar: Saturday,June 15th 2024

:bulb: Purpose of Event
Discussion about Project Catalyst:

  • Announcement Proposal Fund 12 from Cardano Hub Indonesia
  • Discussion regarding Voting Proposal Fund 13
  • Discussion on Writing Proposals
  • Next Project Catalyst Fund 13

:speaker: Host & Speaker

  • @Fanny_wijaya (Host & Speaker)
  • Felix - Lead Cardano Hub Surabaya (Co-host)
  • Randy - Community Moderator Ideascale (Speaker)

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total Participants: 26 participants (16 Offline & 10 Online)

:paperclip:Event Flyer:

:camera_flash: Documentation

:video_camera: Video Records

In this phase we discussed the stages of the project catalyst at Fund 12, we from Cardano Hub Indonesia had 7 Proposals at fund 12. Some of the participants were people who were new to the Cardano ecosystem, we provided a session to discuss the Cardano ecosystem, Project Catalyst and Projects on Cardano. We also discussed ideas that emerged from friends in the community, some of whom were interested in directly trying out this IOG program. We provide one on one sessions for friends in the community who want to learn more about the Cardano Ecosystem.