Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs): Tutorial series

Given a number of Catalyst Fund 10 proposals based on CIPs and many new Ada holders and voters coming to the Cardano community in the last year, I’ve prepared a tutorial series so both newcomers and non-developers can understand what CIPs are and why they are so important to the ecosystem’s value.

Please read and share this article especially among Catalyst voters: to promote more understanding of how the CIP process factors into proposals to implement and/or document the Cardano standards that keep our ecosystem progressive and support its material value:

Note there is a CIP category on the forum: in the Developers top-level category. This thread isn’t posted there because its target audience is the general public, not just developers. Both my co-editor @ryanw and myself have been regularly active in that category, so please post any general responses here and any specific questions there:

Parts 2 and 3 of this 3-part Medium article series will come out at the beginning & end of next week & I’ll post them below. The initial instalment is intended to remove any possible mystery from CIP editing and make the process understandable, if not accessible, to everyone. Further parts will review some of the dramatic things that happened with CIPs in the last year (including the CIP effort’s support of the Governance process) and project a bit into the year ahead.

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Thank you for this post.
I might have a few new CIP’s that I didn’t know where CIP’s until I read your post :sweat_smile:, so maybe we could have a meeting? And clarify how to proceed with our initiative.
It evolves around;

  • Blueprint NFT where we differentiate between (each with different smart contract setup);
    – Blueprint Author (i.e Artist - currently CIP-25)
    – Blueprint Team (several Artists collaborating)
    – Blueprint Owner (incl. new incentive models for ownerships around a NFT)
  • Inheritance (smart contract around account inactivity, could also be used on hardware wallet on mobile phones)
  • Blueprint AI incentives (who has ownership to what AI produces and sells in the future)
  • Blueprint NFT as a distributed share (multiple owners)
  • Blueprint CC0 NFT (i.e Decentralizing the Industry) and how a Blueprint solution can work around current Patents/IP’s to present a Joker card to the undeveloped countries. (not a CIP per say, but my investigation led to some smart solving with a workaround on how to handle the current common rules/laws and restriction the industrial countries currently have applied, which in short always allows them to pull the longest straw, and the undeveloped countries are left as the losers. With our solution we turn the table, and enable the undeveloped world to be the start of Industry 5.0 and aligning them rapid prototyping and local production based on available materials.)

Plus a few other things… Need to have my morning coffee.
Anyway, you can reach me on Discord: admiraloom or just pm me here.
I will also promote these through the current ongoing Cardano Foundation Hackaton

Also, they are part of our Online Makerspace proposal, though not listed in a clean manner as above. Need to read between the lines :upside_down_face:

Yes @roarh, you are likely to get a good response to your CIP considerations if you more properly post your ideas to the CIP category as suggested above. This thread itself is offered for discussions of the CIP process: not to highlight, discuss or promote any particular CIPs or Catalyst proposals.

The Cardano Forum was originally used often for CIP drafts, but has since fallen out of practice. It would help the editorial process & community participation to see that practice restored. “CIP” suggestions representing individual commercial interests or inappropriately recommending CIPs for social initiatives have been discussed and ruled out there in a cooperative manner.

Otherwise, it’s been a fertile ground for discussing draft CIPs once authors have read & understood CIP-0001 which explains the CIP process in detail, including the strict expectations of CIP drafts with a fill-in template and content suggestions. CIP-0001 doesn’t explicitly point people to our forum CIP category but we are hoping people will follow that lead from this statement, rather than seeking contact with editors individually:

1.b. Authors seek feedback
Authors shall champion their proposals. The CIP process is a collaborative effort, which implies discussions between different groups of individuals. While editors may provide specific inputs and help reach out to experts, authors shall actively seek feedback from the community to help move their proposal forward.

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Ah, ok. Sorry for the listing then.
Anyway, I will check out Github and read up on what needs to be done, and hopefully write the proposals in the not to far future.

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Part 2 of the series, which goes deeper into how CIPs support Cardano’s ecosystem value, with some ideas for improvements in the year ahead:

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If it’s an idea that you don’t want to open source and share with the public yet, it’s nothing to do with CIPs and off the topic for this discussion. You can find potential partners for your idea by posting the non-confidential parts of it here & then continuing by private message:

Final part of the tutorial series: hoping to kick off our best year of CIP progress ever :cowboy_hat_face: