TCE Episode 94: Cardano Improvement Proposals Explained

The Cardano Effect Podcast has released an episode explaining CIPs. @Frederic, @SebastienGllmt, and @KtorZ talk with hosts Philippe and Rick about how a CIP works including the creation process, discussion, how to submit, review, and carry on a community-based conversation in the arena of future developments. Sebastien even does a real-time approval of CIP #1 on the air!


00:00 Intro
01:16 Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs)
03:20 The History Behind Improvement Proposals
04:19 Purpose of CIPs
06:42 Benefits of CIPs
09:15 Introducing Ideas to CIPs
15:23 CIPs Implementation
18:17 Lessons from Other Crypto Projects
19:45 CIP Example and Walkthrough (CIP3)
27:29 Funding for Ideas
29:11 Example of CIP in Progress
34:15 CIPs Review before Implementation
37:17 Community Contributions
40:25 The CIP Lifecycle
56:39 ITN CIPs?
58:01 Get Involved
1:00:38 Final Thoughts