Cardano in Venezuela

Greetings to all Cardano community members. My name is Farid, I’m a venezuelan software developer who’s been learning about cryptos ecosystem for about a month. Cardano has specially called my attention, so I had the initiative to create social media profiles to inform, teach and encourage about Cardano and ADA, looking forward to increase adoption in my country.

Here’s the links, I invite you to join and contribute to the birth of a regional community. I appreciate any remark or suggestion.


Saludos bro.

My name is Augusto I just saw your post. I am Venezuelan too living in USA. I am Cardano investor since 2017 along with some friends. I have intentions of creating a stake pool in cardano and would be amazing if you want to collab with us. Bring people from Venezuela and teach them Cardano and how to delegate. Please let me know how to contact you directly if you are interested

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Epale Augusto, thanks for following. Yes, I am interested in stake pools, but in the mid-term. Right now, I am interested in learning and colaborating in teaching about Cardano in Venezuela, more like an awareness campaign, at least in the short-term.

We will be in touch. You can contact me via email

Hi Farid.

As a developer myself I’m very interested in topics about how Cardano could possibly improve peoples lives in countries like Venezuela and drive adoption in the same way. Didn’t make it to Venezuela so far but used to stay in Colombia a few months.

Following your twitter for now and would be interested to know more about your project!

Hello Ben, and thanks for following. The possibilities for crypto assets and blockchain projects in Venezuela are infinite. The accelerated economy collapse is a great opportunity to create new ways of doing things, kind of a spoiler to what is happening worldwide with the crash of USD-based economies.

For the moment I am interested in create a community of people interested in adoption of ADA and Cardano developing, the results after a two weeks work are amazing, there’s already an audience in instagram and twitter. Soon I’ll host a telegram group, then the fun will start :slight_smile:


Welcome! Thank you for being involved!

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Thank you Donny!