Introducing Myself from Venezuela/USA

Hi everyone.

My Name is Augusto Valbuena. Since I heard about Cardano in 2017 I started buying since I heard Charles Hoskinson talks.

Although I have been long time involved in the project (Just Accumulating ADA) and participating in the ITN I haven’t participated in anything else and I would like to do so a little more.

I’m an Electrical Engineer actually living in the USA and i handle two languages. I have zero/nothing/nada knowledge in programming or cryptography.

It’s really interesting to me to see how Big things are happening with cryptocurrency and the possibilities of it and I would like to give my 2 cents if possible with this project. Only thing that comes to my mind is translation although I see people doing it here

Do you have any suggestions for a newbie that only knows to buy and hold :slight_smile: ? I would like to create a stakepool but I don’t know how technical or skilled you need to be to handle that. And if with my little amount of holdings is worth to do so (around 50K ADA).

Any help and if somebody that can guide me on how a person like me can be more involved to help the community will be much appreciated.