Greetings from Pennsylvania

Hello everyone! I’m Andy from the U.S. I’ve been a crypto investor/enthusiast since 2017, when I purchased my first ETH. Since then, I’ve took a deep dive into the crypto world, and invest pretty heavily into Defi.

I arrived to Cardano very recently. Nonetheless, I’m extremely impressed by the leadership, growth, and potential of the Cardano network. It’s exciting to kbow I’m getting in still so early in the life of ADA.

With that said, I’ve considered starting a crypto project for a long time. With smart contracts launching very soon, Cardano seems to be a great place to do that. I’m not an overly technical person. I can do front-end coding, but I’m in HR by trade. I have been somewhat involved with a DAO on Ethereum - so I understand the concepts behind it.

I was hoping to find some resources, or make some connections with some interested technical people for a project idea I have.

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