🇮🇩 Cardano Indonesia Community Monthly Digest (March 2023)

Cardano Indonesia Community - Monthly Digest (March 2023)

Published by @andreassosilo

Hi greetings everyone :cardano:

This is summary from :indonesia: Cardano Indonesia Community monthly activities. We will update you on what we have achieved every month. So here is our progress in March 2023:


Social Media Growth

Cardano Indonesia

Eastern Town Hall - Indonesia

Eastern Catalyst School - Indonesia

  • Telegram (private): from 49 members to 48 members

Indonesian Stake Pool Operator

  • Cardanesia (ADI)
  • Kawanua Pool (KAWAN)
  • International Crypto Network (ICRYP)
    • Twitter : from 2908 to 2744 followers
  • Free York Pool (YORK)
  • Burger Stake Pool (BGR)

Local Communities


After a long break, we are happy to publish another monthly community digest for Cardano Indonesia Community :tada: :

For this March 2023, we are working together with Gimbalabs to translate the PPBL 2023 modules into Indonesian language. Specifically, we would like to thanks James from Gimbalabs, Valdryan and @CardanoToTheWorld, for their great effort :beers:

Other than that, our Cardano Hub Jakarta, Cardano Hub Surabaya and also Eastern Town Hall Indonesia are still hosting meetup (offline & online). Please see the meetup recap links above.

Last but not least, we would like to invite our local community to be active in Project Catalyst (governance) and also keep on building on :cardano: Cardano blockchain!

Any feedback from you will be really appreciated. Thank you for all support from the global communities, Cardano Foundation Team and all other Ambassadors from all around the world.

I wish you a great day!

Best regards,
Cardano Ambassador (Indonesia)

*Last updated on 05 April 2023

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