Cardano integration for cold wallet (Ledger)


It is not safe to keep your tokens on the exchange. Having it in Daedalus is a bit safer, but a casual user can easily be compromised, hacked and lose his funds.

That’s why integration with the cold wallets (like Ledger Wallet) is very important.
Is Cardano working on a subject?

P.S. I know paper wallets are coming, but they are not as safe as electronic cold wallets.

(it shouldn’t belong is trading subforum, but I didn’t found better place)


Ledger nano support would be awesome!


Damn, just ordered a Nano Ledger S.


I would love to have ADA in my Nano S!


Same. Can any cardano team members let us know if this will be possible anytime soon

Nano or trezor would do me.

Please reply cardano team


Can’t you just delete your DDlus wallet off your host device and then when you want to re generate it?

The theory with HD wallets is to just use your 12 word seed phase to regenerate the wallet back on to any device that you have downloaded the DDlus software on - after you finish using the DDlus software you can delete it again - thus while DDlus is in its deleted state your wallet is in a cold store and safer than just quitting the DDlus software on your host device and starting it again when you want to use it…

when I say delete from your device from what I understand you have to completely delete the DDlus software from the host device that was running it - what would be good is having a tutorial to explain this process of deleting the DDlus software from Mac and windows host machines so no obvious and costly errors are made by mistake…

Just out of interest has anyone done this yet with the DDlus software did it work?

Yes, it works.
You can write down your seed words and remove the wallet from the computer and restore it later.
I just argue that it is not as good as having hardware cold wallet.


Is that based on your personal preference or technical knowledge of security regarding tokens ?

One thing that springs to mind if you remember your password for the hardware cold store wallet and the seed phrase for the HD DDlus wallet and then delete it from your machine there is no record anything ever existed on the other hand for example if you are flying out of China or sending a hardware cold store wallet and it is found by authorizes this could be problematic so in this scenario maybe the HD wallet solution is more secure ; ) but just playing devils advocste here and agree there are probably use cases and various scenarios where one solution is deemed better then the other like most things : D monero and Zcash are both Anonomous right lol

I too am looking forward to having some kind of Nano integration for ADA / Daedalus.

The issue here is that even if you deleted the wallet from your computer, the private key has to be on the computer at some point. This is currently necessary only because we don’t have a hardware wallet integration and represents a risk that is mitigated by having a hardware wallet integration.

A hardware wallet integration will allow us to keep the private key 100% on the hardware wallet which means its very unlikely/close to impossible for it to be compromised even if the computer itself is compromised while the transaction is taking place.

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I stupidly typed my spending password out to fast . And couldn’t send funds

So I had to delete my wallet last week

Re sync and download it all again long process

Clicked the link and put in my 12 word seed. Waited about 4/5 hours . And bingo got my wallet back with no password.

So the backup works perfect

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I believe i saw somewhere that ledger is working on integration for ADA - besides it will only be a matter of time the amount of cash the team has to spend on development after the fundraising drive is insane (108844.5 BTC)


Ada is having a great day . Hopefully more investors are getting keen and wanting in before it’s to late

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I would be very surprised if Ledger started to support Cardano. On this Reddit link a group of scientists led by IOHK Chief Scientist, Professor Aggelos Kiayias (who is behind the Ouroboros protocol) say they managed to compromise the Ledger Blue and Nano S. On this same link you can scroll down and see that the Ledger CTO Nicolas Bacca is being verbally attacked by some developers and worried users about technical disputes… Unfortunately I don’t have the technical skills to say who is right. But as a Ledger Nano S user, Yes, I am worried.

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That is not good :frowning:

I test deleted the wallet with coins and recovered them all. Deleting the software and trying to recover would have been a better test but at least that worked. I do prefer cold wallet storage.

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I would love to see this this coin supported on the ledger nano s as well. Not sure when this will happen but it is currently not in the Ledger’s roadmap of supported coins (

For what it’s worth, I’ve posted a request in the Ledger Roadmap board.


ledger wallet support would be awesome. I’m hanging on to ada for at least the foreseeable future.

Hi everyone, being new to the Crypto scene I’m collecting knowledge from everywhere I can find it and I have seen mention of Cold Storage and the Nano S. Now I thought the Nano S was a Generic device like a memory stick that worked with all the Cryptos out there. From this thread I assume this is NOT true??

Thanks for the help to a newbie…

It is more than just a memory stick. Here is a list of coins/tokens supported by Ledger ( You might also want to do a search on ‘hardware wallets’ and the ‘ledger nano s’ as there are lots of videos out there explaining their use.