Cardano laying the inroads to last for decades

Hi everyone,

Here’s a quick video of my thoughts of what Cardano is doing in Africa.



I love this concept, but think we need it in a lot more places. In my region, the U.S. Midwest, I think we are pretty much a crypto-backwater. The small interest in from more conventional thinkers wanting to make sure they get a piece of the pie.

I know enough from tech experience with trading companies to understand both how important a unifying and legitimizing project like this will be to making it work. Until we get reliable exchanges and better scam defenses, there will be big challenges to widescale adoption.

We all know how important education will be in the long term. I think the needs are different for my region vs. Ethiopia, but they are just as dire for the people here who have pretty dim prospects for the future. Even with education available, how many reliable career paths are there to embark on?

I also think the skills taught have to be a lot broader than writing smart contract code (not that it isn’t important). We also need the leaders who articulate the vision and translate it to local contexts, and organize the service organizations to deliver the services.

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Love the long term view Cardano is taking on Africa.