Cardano Logo - Photoshop & JPG

Hi everybody,
I attach the following Cardano logos, free to use. I am not a graphic designer, so I imagine that they can be improved.
If you have not access to Photoshop you can use the following tool from the browser: similar to the original Photoshop , using .psd files, or directly, make use of the images .jpg.
I hope to contribute to the community and make things easier for you to create your own custom logos for merchandising or whatever.

It has been a pleasure!

Cardano logos

Smartphones backgrounds

Download *.PSD & *.JPG Files

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I like this, I like this a lot, going to see if I can print a sticker for my vehicles with Blue and Red.

@casso hey men could the logos be uploaded again to Drive? The file that is downloaded gives me an error.

Hi @Thaddeus19 ,
now with .zip compression:

Design quality is not good, it was my first approach to Photoshop … sorry for that.
With Inkscape(using vectors) could look better.

Thansk @casso :+1:

Some cardano .png for social groups (better quality): trading and development


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cardano population concept .png