Cardano meetup in Singapore

Hi there!

I’m Jose De Castro and I became a fan of Cardano earlier this year. Aside from it’s great potential, I’m keen on using it for development and education.

I’m a senior lecturer at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. I’m hoping to meet other Cardano fans and get a local Cardano meet up going.

Charles Hoskinson will be in Singapore for the World Blockchain Summit on July 19-20 and I’m helping to organise a session with him. Please let me know if you’re interested to attend or assist.



Hi Jose,

Nice to e-meet you.
I would be keen to attend, and have registered my interest via as well.

I’m also available for any assistance in organising this meetup.


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your positive reply and offer to assist with the meetup. I’ll be going to the venue this afternoon to recce and I’m sure we can use your help. Please send me your contact info and I’ll setup a Whatsapp group for the event.


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Hi Jose,

I have pm’d you.