Cardano Meetup Orlando (Central Florida)

Hello Cardano enthusiasts in Central Florida! Join us for our inaugural meetup which we are looking to hold somewhere in or near downtown Orlando on Tuesday, February 19th.


Super excited about this! Thanks Lee! You know I’ll be there.

We’ve set the location for our first meetup. We’ll be meeting up at Mathers Social Gathering in downtown Orlando. Join us!

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Next week! Thanks for the Cardano Foundation for tweeting out this event this week!

Thank you for holding Cardano Orlando meetup @Lee_C Can you please distribute the feedback form to the participants after your meetup and fill out the organizer feedback form yourself? It would be a great help for our team to improve Cardano community meetup experience! Many thanks!

Exciting group of blockchain/Ada fans at the Orlando Meetup tonight! Thanks @Lee_C for bringing us together. Looking forward to even more great conversations about Cardano as we go forward.

Hey @Lee_C how did the group photo turnout? No good enough to post on the forum?

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Hey, I’m that young dude that bumped into you at the summit in the second row with the real estate gig haha I found your meetup! I’m late though haha @Lee_C my b for being a dummy at the time. Hope you continue this meetup, I’m in Sarasota but that’s kinda a retirement city with minimal IQ if ya know what I mean(look at me) lol.

God bless,
Christopher Manning